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The Rainbow Angel Elixirs were formulated by Gaele Arnott. Her experience in vibrational medicine led her to this range to assist the learning gained through the study of the Empyrean Evolutions seminars. The aim was to assist transformation during this study period but the knowledge and experience with each elixir allows then to be offered individually as well. Each elixir has a special goal in the individual's desire for spiritual and personal growth.

The essences, have utilised all that nature has to offer from the nutrient of the flower or herb as well as the stored knowledge of the crystals and gemstones included in their making. As with all vibrational products, the Rainbow Angel Elixirs work in harmony with  mind, body and spirit to bring an easy balance to the complete person. The understanding of colour and sound have been included and utilised in the combination of the product.

Currently there are eight Rainbow Angel Elixirs in the range:-
1. Restructuring
2. Strength
3. Ancestry
4. Blue Ice Magic
5. Divine Will
6. Balancing
7. HIgher Consciousness
8. Synchronization